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Possums are native nocturnal marsupials. In suburban areas possums will take advantage of broken tiles, loose iron sheeting or unfinished work to enter roof voids and floor cavities to shelter during the day. As well as the noise & nuisance of having a possum in your roof or wall cavity, there is also the added mess and damage they cause to ceilings and roofs. Possums will also gnaw electrical wiring which can lead to fires.

We Will - Seal the possum entry points, Replace any broken tiles, re-nail loose iron sheeting, check all ridge caps & re-cement where necessary, use one way possum exits or cages to remove the possums from your roof, install a possum box if required, weekly possum cage hire is also available. All work is fully guaranteed, department of sustainability & environment approved and licensed.

(03) 8838 2225