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Bed Bugs are one of the great travelers of the world, transported via luggage, clothing, Bedding & Furniture. Bed Bugs are oval shaped, wingless, blood sucking insects, 5mm long when fully grown & rust brown in colour. this changes to a deeper red-brown following a blood meal. Bed Bugs will usually feed at night, taking shelter during the day in a variety of dark locations close to where people sleep. these include under mattresses, floorboards, carpets, bed frames, furniture, cracks & crevices in walls & skirtings or behind paintings &  loose wallpaper. They wait until the host is deeply asleep before responding to his/her body heat & quickly move in to feed. Bed Bugs may test pierce (bite) several times before settling for 3-5 minutes to fully gorge on blood. they then retreat to a safe hiding place. The cryptic nature of bed bugs means they will be protected from pesticides unless applied thoroughly & correctly

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